The best reasons to come to Reunion Island

The best reasons to come to Reunion Island

The best reasons to come to Reunion Island

Reunion is a French Overseas department, located in the Indian Ocean.
French is the main language used in addition to the local Creole. Located in the southern hemisphere, Reunion has a tropical climate with an average of 27 degrees all year round. Renowned for its circuses and ramparts, the island offers intense landscapes, sand along the shores and lagoons all the way to an active volcano and to the very top of the island, the Piton des Neiges at 3,070 meters.
The welcome there is warm, with a mixed multicultural society.
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As one of Europe's outermost region, the island benefits from all European programs, including ERASMUS +. Located close to 10 000 kms from the European continent, the destination makes it possible to use Erasmus+ travel subsidies which are adapted to the costs of travel expenses. Connected to Paris by 6 daily flights, or via Mauritius to most European capitals, the island is easily accessible.

With a growing population, Reunion has a high unemployment rate. However, its economy is dynamic, particularly among small and medium size businesses. The most vibrant on the economic scene are services, trade, logistics, the tourism sector and construction. Infrastructure such as roads, equipment, health, education are of very good quality.

Beautiful beaches and lagoons

The west coast of the island is home to the beaches on the island from Saint-Pierre to Boucan-Canot, all the way to the beaches of Trou d'eau, Saline and Hermitage.

The beaches are very crowded on the weekends and very popular with bathers. The beaches, and the and blue lagoons, will not leave you indifferent. You can bask in the sun or swim among the different species of fish that you will encounter among corals. You can refresh yourself with snacks or dine in the restaurants, discover the lagoons, paddle or kayak and above all ... do not forget your mask and snorkel!

Local gastronomy

You will enjoy all the other "curries", which are typical meat or fish dishes of the island. Of course, depending on the season, you will find a variety of tropical fruits such as Victoria pineapple, bananas, papaya, mangoes, lechis, pitayas and coconuts among other exotic fruits other exotic fruits. Attention pour celles et ceux qui ont le palais sensible mais vous pouvez demander le piment à part.

Savourez tous les autres « caris », plats typiques de l’île, à base de viande, de poisson, toujours accompagnés de riz et grains et de rougail. Vous pouvez découvrir aussi des plats d’origine chinoise, indienne, malgache. La cuisine réunionnaise est à l’image de sa société, colorée et métissée.

Of course, depending on the season, you will find a variety of tropical fruits such as Victoria pineapple, bananas, papaya, mangoes, lechis, pitayas and coconuts among other exotic fruits other exotic fruits.

Piton de la Fournaise, one of the main attractions on the island

The volcano, Piton de la Fournaise is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. If you are fortunate to be here at the time of one of its annual eruptions, you should not miss out on this this spectacular occassion. The volcano is located at 2,632 meters above sea level and is about 500,000 years old. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just like the Cirques and Remparts on the island, which were formed by volcanic activity.

Whether it is in eruption or not,The Piton de la Fournaise always offers a spectacular sight that should not be missed for anything in the world!


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Who would not want to enjoy a magnificent sunrise in Maïdo or the Piton des Nieges? The Island is full of places for nature lovers of all levels!

To be able to make the most of the scene, it is better to get up early in the morning to be sure to get the first rays of sunlight that capture the circuses which will fill you with awe! Not even your trendy camera would do any better.
While up there you can fill your lungs with the fresh air and free your mind, and if luck is with you, you might the bump into the emblematic animal of Reunion: L'endormi. Keep your eyes open!


After or during a hike, you will find many opportunities to admire the waterfalls and pools on the island. Fill up with freshness and relaxation as you enjoy these wonders of the island!

The island offers more than 75 waterfalls and basins, which are more or less easily accessible. There are spots for picnic lovers,stunning views points while hiking and playgrounds for canyon lovers.

Sa culture métissée

La marche sur le feu : une tradition qui consiste à marcher pieds nus sur des braises, sur des pierres chauffées au rouge, afin de montrer la suprématie de l’esprit sur le corps ainsi que la force qui peut jaillir d’une énergie collective.

Moringue : Sport de combat traditionnel originaire de Madagascar
Mosquée de Saint-Denis

Temple Malbare

The history of the settlement of Reunion explains the miscegenation and the different cultural identities which are present in the society today.

We are tempted to say that Reunion is a model of intercultural and inter-religious tolerance: Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Evangelists, live together with their various cults and ceremonies.

On the school benches and within the same families, the faces of black, white, mixed live side by side from childhood.

The local society is composed of: Creoles, Cafres, Malbars, Yabs, Zoreils, Zarabs, Chinese, Comorians. This cross-section is felt and reflected in the arts, especially in music, with the sega and maloya.